1. Registration. Online registration ends at 15:00 on Friday 29th Nov 2013 or when maximum event capacity is reached. Participants are encouraged to register early to ensure a spot in the competition! Walk-in registrations on Saturday 1st Dec will be allowed only if the event has remaining capacity.
  2. Team Requirement. All competitors must participate as part of a team. Teams should be composed of (2) to (5) participants. Recommended team size is (3) participants blending a mix of technical, business, and creative talents.
  3. Team Formation. Participants may register an existing team, but all team members must register. Participants without a team should utilize the HackerLeague event site to recruit team members or find a team to join. Time will be provided during the 30th Nov kickoff event for registered competitors without a team affiliation to form new teams or join others. Teams will be locked down following check-in on the morning of Saturday 1st Dec.
  4. Start & End Times. Teams may begin working at 9:00 on Saturday 1st Dec and must complete by 14:00 on Sunday 2nd Dec, 2012. Teams are encouraged to discuss their ideas and sketch out a plan for their application prior to the event, but all technical designs, developed code, and production assets for each entry must be created during the hackathon. The event space will remain open overnight and teams are encouraged to work around the clock on their applications.
  5. Languages & Tools. Applications may be assembled using any mix of programming languages, application frameworks, and development tools. Participants are expected to bring the necessary hardware and software tools to build their competition entry. Internet access via WiFi and wired Ethernet will be provided.
  6. No Offsite Development. All development must be performed on-site between the aforementioned start and end times for the event. Participants may consult remote resources via mobile phone, VoIP, chat, etc., to answer technical questions, but remote resources are not allowed to develop code or production assets used in competition entries.
  7. Source Control. The competition has no requirements on use or type of source code control platform.
  8. Referees. Cleanweb Hackathon will be providing referees throughout the course of the event to ensure participants are working within the competition rules, to answer competitor questions, and to settle any disputes that may arise. Referees reserve the right to disqualify teams for flagrant violations of the hackathon rules.
  9. Judging. A judging panel of experts from various domains will score competitors on concept, design, originality, impact, and functionality. Teams will have a maximum of (4) minutes to demonstrate their running application to the judging panel. No PowerPoint or PDF presentations allowed!
  10. Prizes. The top (3) teams will split the prize pool: 1st place will receive 60% of the available prize pool, 2nd place 25%, and 3rd place 15% (approximately). All money received that is not utilized to run the hackathon event will be placed in the prize pool. Any additional category prizes offered by our event sponsors are subject to rules and judging criteria set directly by the Sponsor. Prizes may be money, gift cards or gift items.
  11. Source Code Rights. Teams are encouraged to contribute their work to an open source repository or project following the event, but the Cleanweb Hackathon would also like to see efforts that result in the formation of new companies or products! Cleanweb Hackathon makes no claim to any intellectual property, source code, or applications developed as part of this event.
  12. Press Release. By participating as a competitor in the Cleanweb Hackathon participants grant organizers and participating members of the media rights to publicly disclose competition event information, review and describe applications developed and presented during the event, and rights to display event-related photos, screen shots, and links to publicly available demonstrations of contest entries.
  13. Rules Changes. Cleanweb Hackathon reserves the right to make rules modifications prior to the start of the event. Please check back occasionally for changes that could affect your competition strategy!

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I’m not a developer. Can I participate? Absolutely! The ideal team will be composed of members with expertise in business development and creative fields such as marketing/advertising. Remember the judges will be scoring applications on their design and impact merits, not just their technical functionality.
  2. Can I bring an idea? Absolutely. Participants are encouraged to utilize the HackerLeague platform to form teams, suggest ideas, collaborate on concepts, or review and discuss data sets and APIs.  All code and production assets  must be developed at the event site during the hackathon, however. Refer to the rules above for more details. When in doubt, remember you can plan ahead, but don’t create!
  3. Can I bring a team? Yes. We’d be thrilled if you made new friends and formed ad hoc teams, but you are welcome to bring your own team, as long as it is limited to (5) participants in total.  Participants coming from the same company are encouraged to split up and mingle amongst other teams, but this at your discretion.
  4. Can I come alone? Of course! There will be opportunities at the kickoff on Friday 30th Nov to meet other participants. You’re also encouraged to find and form teams online at HackerLeague.
  5. Can I bring a company team? Absolutely. You’re welcome bring a team from your company and work on something relating to your core business. The contest rules still apply, however, and developed applications will be judged solely on the work completed during the course of the event. Also bear in mind members of the media will be present, and your work will likely be discussed publicly and presented for others to see.
  6. Can I bring my own food and snacks? Meals, beverages, and snacks will be provided for all participants. If you have special requirements you may want to consider bringing your own provisions. We’ll do our best to provide refrigeration space for perishables, but cannot guarantee we’ll have enough if everyone brings something.
  7. Does my application have to fit a specific category? Nope. You can work on any area of “cleanweb” that is of interest to you. We’re providing links to data sets and APIs across a wide variety of topic areas. You should feel free to can pull in additional sources as well.  Interested in address water constraints? Awesome.  Energy efficiency? Great! Food scarcity, geothermal, or anything else? Also great.
  8. What is HackerLeague? HackerLeague in an online platform for organizing hacking events and competitions. We will be using the HackerLeague to help teams organize and plan for the event. Competitors should be sure to sign up for a HackerLeague account before the day of the event.
  9. Will the organizers provide software platforms etc? Hardware and software platforms WILL NOT be provided. The time for the hackathon is very short, therefore developers are encouraged to use their own favorite tools and platforms – whether on own PC, cloud or other. Meanwhile Cleanweb WILL PROPOSE DATASETS AND APIs related to the themes, and provede APP IDEAS and MENTORS, see HackerLeague.
  10. Can we bring Arduino and other electronics to make a mixed software/hardware project? Yes, absolutely! You may base your APPS also on Open Source hardware like Arduino and commercially available hardware like e.g. domotics.
  11. What do I need to bring? Bring 1) yourself, 2) you laptop, 3) a power extension cord (it: multipresa) and if you should need a nap 4) sleeping bag, 5) toothbrush, 6) personal towel

Last updated 29 Nov 2012